Seamless touch enables you to treat regions that are smaller or more difficult to reach, such as the face, bikini, and underarms.


SR Mode

3 cm, restore elasticity & softness of the skin


Leg Mode

3.6 cm for thick and coarse leg hair


Hand Mode

3.6cm for thick hair on handsand arms


Armpit Mode

3.6cm, designed specifically for armpit hair


Upper lip Mode

1cm for hair on the face & upper lip


Intimate Mode

2cm for hair on intimate parts with sensitive skin

Product comparison



Puls Lights

Skin Sensor

Filter heads


Skin Rejuvenation

Rotating Head

Jovs Venus

Wireless No

Pulslights 500 000

Teams: ✔️

filter heads 6

Skin-cooling Yes

Skin Rejuvenation Yes

Skin Rejuvenation 180°

£ 299

Phillips Lum Prestige

Wireless: Yes

Puls lights: 450 000

Teams: ✔️

filter heads 4

Skin-cooling No

Skin Rejuvenation No

Skin Rejuvenation No

£ 555

Braun Silk-expert

Wireless: No

Puls lights: 400 000

Teams: ✔️

filter heads 1

Skin-cooling No

filter heads No

filter heads No

£ 429

Vivre IPL Pro

Wireless: Yes

Puls lights: 500 000

Teams: ✔️

filter heads 3

Skin-cooling Yes

filter heads No

filter heads No

£ 255



JOVS is a ground-breaking skincare company that leverages Silicon Valley technology to reimagine luxury personal care.

Developed in partnership with Stanford University’s BioADD laboratory, JOVS’s innovative design has been recognized with a Red Dot Design Award and ranks among the top ten personal care brands. The future relationship between JOVS and Lamborghini will result in the brand’s product line being expanded and new innovations being introduced.

The JOVS Venus Pro fast hair removal device is specifically intended for professional home beauty use, and it effectively removes unwanted hairs. It employs laser (Intense Pulsed Light) technology, which creates rapid light pulses. The pulse operates underneath the skin’s surface to target and prevent hair growth at the root. It’s gentle enough for everyday usage and won’t irritate your skin at all! It can be used on any region of the body, including the underarms, legs, thighs, bikini line, face, neck, shoulders, back, and so on.
Premium hair removal is available when and where you want, without interfering with your schedule. No need for expensive cartridges, the JOVS Venus Pro is a one-time purchase that takes about 10 minutes to eliminate all body hair.
JOVS (5)

JOVS IS A Winner

With its exceptional design, JOVS Venus Pro is the first hair removal device to get a Red Dot Design Award from Germany. JOVS is a joy to carry thanks to its brilliant green color, attractive organic design, and comfortable matt metal touch.
Furthermore, the carefully built 180-degree step-less control was designed with ergonomics in mind, allowing users to use it in an extremely simple and pleasant manner. This mix of function and beauty makes using the JOVS Venus Pro a very memorable experience. Because of the combination of high output density and precise laser wavelength management, you may efficiently target pigment in the hair follicle to permanently inhibit the capacity to renew. Exceptional outcomes each and every time.

The majority of hair removal devices use wave filters with ratings of 470, 510, and 530. These filters aren’t completely successful in preventing skin harm, which results in some short wave radiation reaching the skin and creating a tingling feeling that can be rather unpleasant. The JOVS Venus Pro employs a 590 red light filter, allowing you to successfully remove hair while causing no harm to your skin.
The majority of hair removal devices on the market only feature a single head type with a constant diode output rate. As a result, you will be unable to efficiently remove hair from all areas of your body. Worse, this might result in burns if the output is too high for particular applications.
JOVS has undergone extensive testing on thousands of skin types and developed six distinct settings to efficiently meet your demands without harming your skin. You may be assured that the Venus Pro will remove all sorts of body hair effectively and safely. JOVS also allows you to permanently remove your hair. You may successfully target pigment in the hair follicle to permanently block regrowth by combining ultra-high output density and precise laser wavelength management.

JOVS Dynamic cooling

Different types and lengths of hair can be found on different regions of the body. JOVS has created six replaceable attachments that are designed to target particular hair types separately without causing discomfort, which can occur with conventional hair-removing products due to insufficient light exposure. JOVS not only provides professional treatment based on hair type, but it also conforms to the curves of the human body, making it easier and more comfortable for clients to use.

The JOVS Venus Pro comes with an accurate and fully adjustable energy output controller that allows you to adapt the output level to your application area. Even individuals with the most sensitive skin will fall in love with the Venus Pro, ushering in a new era of at-home professional hair removal.

Dynamic cooling devices (DCD) are a novel method that generates a cooling sensation by emitting light onto the skin. This results in the formation of a protective layer with a surface temperature of 5°C maintained. This makes the removal process painless and allows you to utilize the Venus Pro in delicate regions.

Each treatment only takes 10 minutes to complete. In most cases, individuals can permanently eliminate up to 94 percent of hair in approximately 6 weeks. JOVS provides for a shorter buffer time and thus faster and more effective hair removal with only 0.8 seconds of continuous light exposure and interval periods. Tests revealed that the higher quartile of treatments resulted in 94.3 percent less hairs after three treatments, though this may vary by individual.

JOVS (43)


JOVS is more than just a hair removal device; it is also a skincare product. Once the hair has been removed, you can switch to the SR mode, which can trigger a red light skin rejuvenation device, resulting in greater collagen synthesis in the exposed skin. JOVS will help you profoundly and indefinitely by lightening spots, regenerating wrinkles, and decreasing pores without causing damage to skin tissue, among other things.
With 500,000 flashes, you can administer full-body treatments for the rest of your life. Furthermore, the JOVS Venus Pro is available for personal use for the next 15 years! There is no need to replace the cartridges. Furthermore, it has an LCD screen that clearly displays the quantity of flash remaining.
JOVS Beauty’s industry-leading technology has undergone five years of extensive research and development in partnership with the Stanford University BioADD Medical Laboratory.


JOVS is a Global High-End personal care brand. The Venus Pro not only makes hair removal easier, but it also helps heal various skin diseases. Whether you have dry, dull, greasy, enlarged pores, wrinkles, sunspots, or acne-prone skin, the Photo Rejuvenation SR Mode will enhance elasticity, skin tone, and texture. The VenusPro emits 500,000 rapid and continuous laser beams at the same time, leaving you smooth and soft in 10 minutes or less.
Designed with elegance and comfort in mind. For the ultimate at-home spa experience, it has a sleek matte exterior and a champagne finish. It is simple to operate thanks to the 180° rotating head and mini-LCD touch screen. To switch on the gadget, simply slide it.


It all began in 2018, when our creator, Jack, discovered a weakness in several IPL hair removal solutions on the market. Others were heavy and bulky and did not produce long-term benefits, while others caused irritation and skin damage. Our initial goal was to assess and respond to client needs, and we promised to disrupt the current quo.
With our own team of industry experts on staff at JOVS, we were able to devote 100% of our time and resources to researching, designing, clinical testing, engineering, and manufacturing our first product, which was met with a positive reaction straight away. Our product combines fashion sense with cutting-edge personal care technology, resulting in a product with market-leading quality and usefulness.
In 2019, we launched our first VenusPro IPL at-home hair removal device. VenusPro was the first device of its kind to combine cutting-edge hair removal and skin-care technology with a beautiful ergonomic design. VenusPro offered a top-of-the-line hair removal service that could be performed in the privacy of one’s own home. In Europe, North America, Korea, and Japan, the product immediately became a best-seller. Our device was the first to win the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, propelling it to the forefront of the industry.
JOVS has earned eleven internationally recognized safety certifications, including an FDA Registration Certificate, making our hair removal equipment one of the safest on the market.


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